The new i-SOL8 and i-SOL8S Curtain Wall brackets are designed to provide an economical solution for attaching external furniture (solar shading) to curtain walling with industry leading high thermal efficiency.

'..the most significant bracket in years..' TWC


  • Guaranteed Zero Interstitial Condensation
  • Unparalleled thermal bridging resistance with a Chi value χ of 0.0673 [based on a standard bracket of 200mm length]
  • Infinite flexibility with modular build design and bespoke bracket profiles
  • Vibration (acoustic) isolation


  • Guaranteed Zero Interstitial Condensation
  • Infinite flexibility with modular build design and bespoke bracket profiles
  • Highest loadbearing capability available even under the most extreme conditions — very low temperatures or fire

Designed to fit all major curtain wall systems

A standard sized aluminium bracket of 200mm length, as used within the industry, without any thermally efficient interface has an interstitial condensation issue...
Building regulations stipulate any penetration to the curtain wall envelope must have a thermally efficient interface.
Easy installation


Designed with CAD Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to maximise the thermal properties and strength capacity. The bracket is designed in modular form to allow the greatest possible flexibility. Several i-SOL8 blocks may be combined into one bracket which also allows both lateral and perpendicular loading being shared over the mullion and transoms.

The design allows for a bespoke bracket to be profiled out of aluminium sheet in 6082 or 5083 grade alloy.

The design is made possible by using advanced material technology, the i-SOL8 modular blocks are manufactured from a carbon fibre composite material, Zerton 6, allowing a strength that equals metal whilst providing the high thermal and vibration isolation necessary.

Tested in a UKAS registered laboratory the load capacity of the bracket is limited by only the mullion strength to which it is fitted.